• 9-22 May 2016Elite Championships
  • 25-29 May 2016Masters Championships

Volunteer Code of Conduct

We want to draw your attention to some house rules we have for volunteers at the London 2016 LEN European Aquatics Championships. It’s nothing to worry about but please read through our do’s and don’t’s below.

  1. I am aware that I am an ambassador for the LEN European Aquatics Championships 2016 (herein referred to ‘the Championships’) and I take full responsibility for my actions. By applying for my accreditation I confirm I have read this code of conduct, I understand the points set out below and agree to comply with them fully.
  2. I will wear my accreditation (outside my clothing where it is visible) and official LEN European Aquatics Championships 2016 clothing whilst fulfilling my role and responsibilities at the Championships.
  3. I will wear my accreditation and uniform as intended, and shall not amend, deface or attempt to sell any of these items.
  4. I will only use my accreditation to access the venue and zones within when there is an operational need determined by my role. I also understand that my accreditation does not confer me seating privileges.
  5. I will adhere fully to the role and job description as outlined for the Championships and never use that role to gain favour for myself or any individual member.
  6. While on shift I shall not be under the influence, or in possession of any of alcohol, illegal drugs or performance enhancing drugs.
  7. I will conduct myself in a manner that takes all reasonable measures to protect my own safety and the safety of others.
  8. If I am involved in, or witness, any activity that I deem inappropriate, causes concern or is in breach of this code of conduct I will raise this with my team leader or manager immediately.
  9. I will respect all athletes and team staff during the Championships, always working to provide them with the best platform to compete.I understand that I cannot take photographs or ask athletes for photographs while undertaking my role as a volunteer. I understand that if an athlete asks for a picture with me that it is my decision whether or not I wish to agree to this.
  10. I will respect the differences between everyone at the Championships in terms of age, gender (including transgender), ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and disability.
  11. I will promote the reputation of the sport and never behave or encourage or condone others to behave in a manner that is liable to bring the sport into disrepute.
  12. If I am approached by a member of the media for comment/information I will direct them towards the Media Manager for the Championships. This will ensure the accuracy of all information given to the media and help to maintain good relationships. Similarly I will not give any interviews, appear in any promotions, advertisements of endorsements, or give any assistance to the media in relation to any story concerning the affairs of the event, without the prior consent of the Media Manager.
  13. I will exercise discretion when commenting in a private capacity about the Championships where any comment may be understood to be an official comment of the Championships.
  14. I understand that any volunteer found to be engaging in criminal or illegal activity in the workplace will be referred to the police.

I understand that any breach of this Code of Conduct could result in my being removed as a volunteer at the Championships.

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