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Get to Know: Synchro

A run down of what to expect at London 2016


At London 2016

There will be nine synchronised swimming events at the London 2016 LEN European Aquatics Championships with the event now including more finals than preliminary events for the first time.

Overall in London there will be four disciplines on show, the solo, the duet, the team and the free combination. For the first three, there will be technical and free competitions while the combination consists of a free competition only.

The Sport

A solo event is performed by one swimmer, a duet two, a team four to six and a free combination four to ten.

In a technical competition, swimmers perform a routine with predetermined elements that must be performed in a specific order.

In a free competition, swimmers perform a longer routine which has no requirements and allows for creativity and innovation with choreography.

In the free combination event up to ten swimmers participate, performing in different groups of varying size throughout the routine. Some elements include all ten swimmers, some just one. Those swimmers not involved in a specific element of the routine eggbeater alongside the routine and must not touch the floor or pool walls.

The solo free, duet free and team free events will incorporate a preliminary round, where the routines with the top 12 scores will then advance to the final. The solo technical, duet technical, team technical and free combination events will be a straight final.

For the first time ever at a European Aquatics Championships the schedule will also include two mixed gender events; the duet technical and duet free. These events will be held as finals only.

With the aid of underwater speakers athletes perform short routines to music with panels of judges marking them on a variety of components including choreography, difficulty and execution.

Judges can hand out point deductions for a variety of infringements including taking too long on the deck before entering the pool and missing out any of the compulsory elements when competing in technical events.

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